Anti-Street Harassment event kicks off in Vancouver

Anti-Street Harassment event kicks off in Vancouver

Sunday  marks the beginning of International Anti-Street Harassment Week, and one Vancouver women’s group is taking to the streets to document its prevalence on public streets.

The Vancouver group is using clickers to identify the number of times they’re harassed in public.

Stacey Forrester will carry a clicker for 24 hours, clicking the number of times she’s been harassed on the street.

She’ll click twice for direct harassment, and once when she sees or hears negative harassment.

“The numbers will be relatively high but it’s also going to depend on who’s carrying it. This campaign is also open to men, and so we also anticipate that men may have slightly lower numbers than women, but I have no idea…which is why we’re doing this to create a conversation about how people move around the city and what it’s like for them.”

Forrester is also carrying a notebook, in which she may draw or write about her experiences.

The clickers and journals used to document the ordeals will be recorded and donated to a local art show.

That art show begins at the end of this month.

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