Bill aimed at protecting Canadians from online crime is here

Bill aimed at protecting Canadians from online crime is here

A bill aiming to protect Canadians from online harassment and cyberbullying goes into effect Monday March 9th.

Bill C-13 otherwise known as the “Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act” aims to safeguard the rights of online users.

It received Royal Assent in December, giving it the go-ahead to become law.

The act includes a number of provisions, such as more ways to stop the distribution of non-consensual intimate images.

The government also says it will modernize investigative procedures, like warrants, to help police obtain electronic evidence from the Internet and other technologies.

The new act will designate funding for both national campaigns and school-based education projects aimed at stopping cyberbullying.

With the new act going into effect, those who have strongly opposed the bill are disappointed with what it could mean for Canadians’ right to privacy.

“I’m afraid overall this is a real step backwards for the privacy of everyone living in Canada.”

David Christopher with Open Media says seeing this bill move forward is concerning.

“It’s going to greatly expand the ability of the government to monitor everyday law abiding Canadians. It will undermine privacy in a number of other ways.”

Christopher says between this bill and bill C-51, which has also been met with criticism – Canadians should be worried.

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