Single mother hurting after adult education cuts

Single mother hurting after adult education cuts

A single mother originally from Afghanistan is one of many Adult Basic Education students who says government cuts are going to hit her family hard.

She’s one of many speaking out after the province stripped funding late last year, that allowed adults to get their high school diplomas for free.

“We need our funding back, so I ask her Christy Clark, she can understand what I have to say, she can help us go back to school.

After arriving in Canada, Ghezal Durrani took her two kids and left an abusive relationship.

The VCC student’s goal is to get off income assistance but says now, that’s all at risk.

“I’m only two courses away from getting my grade 12, so hopefully all these changes don’t effect my education further because my goal is to join the Vancouver Police.”

But students like Yousef says school districts just don’t have the options that allow adults to work, care for their families, while still upgrading.

And that prevents them from getting gainful employement.

“And everything you need to read and write even cleaning, cleaning hospital, dishwasher, kitchen helper, you need safe food, everything you need education.”

The province wants adult basic education students in the post-secondary system to pay around 400-dollars per course.

While there are free classes in the public school system many districts don’t offer enough evening and weekend class options to help adults who work.

The cuts were announced in December.

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