Whitecaps fan organization scraps U.S. trips over Trump travel ban

Whitecaps fan organization scraps U.S. trips over Trump travel ban

Southsiders take to the streets ahead of a home game (Credit: Vancouver Southsiders/ Facebook)

Some of the Vancouver Whitecaps’ most vocal supporters won’t be organizing the annual bus trip to head south of the border this season.

The Vancouver Southsiders say they won’t be serenading stadiums in Portland or Seattle this season, at least as long as President Trump’s travel ban is in effect.

President Peter Czimmerman says the Executive Board got together and with a few members affected, made the decision to stand in support.

“We don’t want anybody left behind. Everyone is welcome and we don’t want to exclude anyone from the chance to take part in one organized event,” he says.

“Because of the implications and we know some members are directly impacted by the ban, we decided this would be the best course of action and a show of solidarity with those members.”

However, a statement on the group’s website adds that while the move was to respect members, the club is not taking a political position.

“We are not asking our members to participate in protests or boycotts. We are not telling our members to stay home. You can make those decisions for yourself.”

Czimmerman says the Southsiders were founded on being an inclusive and accepting group.

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