This Stings! Wasp Season Underway In Manitoba

WINNIPEG –┬áThe only way to get rid of wasps is to destroy their nest.

That from Poulin’s Pest Control’s Taz Stuart, as we get into wasp season in southern Manitoba.

Stuart warns that if you try to use mosquito spray to fight off wasps, it won’t do much.

“Deet will give you a little bit of repellency, but there’s really nothing there. If they want to come in and sting you, they will.”

Stuart adds that if you’re out on the deck with sugary drinks or other food wasps might like, it only takes one to find you.

“When it finds you and you got your drink or your nice burger out there, it goes back to the nest and tells its friends to come back. That’s why you start seeing more and more come visit you.”

Stuart says there’s nothing to really stop a wasp from stinging you, because, in his words, “wasps are jerks.”